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 High frequency ultrasound vs scorpions

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Thor Wotanson

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PostSubject: High frequency ultrasound vs scorpions   1/29/2017, 10:10 pm

My girlfriend pointed out that we have 2 high frequency emitters in the kitchen in a direct line of site to the scorpion cage.  This is because roaches were a problem at my last address.

I've since unplugged them and noticed some increased activity from my scorpion.  Is this by chance?  I also noticed increased interest in the cricket but not actual feeding as of yet.
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Callum B

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PostSubject: Re: High frequency ultrasound vs scorpions   1/30/2017, 3:37 am

I have never used one of these devices, but I had a bit of a search for information about them.

There's mixed opinions on whether they are even effective at deterring anything, however, there are some references to the devices repelling arachnids, so as a precaution I wouldn't use them.
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High frequency ultrasound vs scorpions
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