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 Questions from a first time owner

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Questions from a first time owner Empty
PostSubject: Questions from a first time owner   Questions from a first time owner Empty12/23/2016, 2:58 pm


I have many tarantulas but I'm planning on buying my first scorpion in the new year and I have some basic questions, searching the web for info on my species I'm buying doesnt bring up much info on it's care.

My questions are as follows, this is for the Smeringerus vachoni species (VACHONI DUNE SCORPION)

Is the Lucky Reptile Herp Haven tank in size Flat Large suitable for the scorpion? Measures 45 x 30 17 cm

What temperatures (in C) does the tank need to be on both sides of the tank?

Is a mixture of sand and cocofibre a suitable substrate or is straight up reptile sand okay to use?

What kind of humidity range should I be keeping in the tank?

Can this species be kept in pairs? If so is the tank I mentioned big enough for two?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions Smile
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Questions from a first time owner
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