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 should I separate them?

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should I separate them? Empty
PostSubject: should I separate them?   should I separate them? Empty10/31/2015, 1:25 pm

I have a pair of Haddies living in a 30 gal desert set up. If the female becomes gravid, when should I remove the male, if I need to remove him at all? And if I do, is there anyone here on the forums that would like a free Haddy male? I'd be happy to adopt him out if you're willing to pay for the shipping. I'm in central New York.

Thanks all,

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should I separate them? Empty
PostSubject: Re: should I separate them?   should I separate them? Empty11/3/2015, 1:36 am

I personally would remove the male either 1.) after witnessing a successful mating, or 2.) if/when the female becomes noticeably gravid.

Personally, I think the first option is safer. Hadrurus can be quite cannibalistic.

I could take the scorp if you really don't have the space for him...

However, if you have the room I'd set up a smaller tank for the male, and periodically introduce him to the female to try to get them to breed. As long as the female is receptive, reintroduce the male every couple weeks. If the female is not receptive, or becomes aggressive, she may be gravid. If she refuses him several times in a row, there's a good chance that she is.

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should I separate them?
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