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 Coson For Sale List

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Coson For Sale List  Empty
PostSubject: Coson For Sale List    Coson For Sale List  Empty10/15/2015, 2:05 pm

Hello, clearing out quite a bit of my collection currently. Gotta make room for more and need some money to pay for some things. Thanks for looking

0.0.3 Tityus Stigmurus 2i $15 each
0.0.1 Hadrurus Arizonensis $15
0.0.1 Pandinus Cavimanus $20
1.0.0 Parabuthus Liosoma $35
2.3.0 Centruroides Vittatus $10 (all 5 $40)
1.1.0 Rhopalurus Garradoi Breeding pair Gravid Female $80

Loxosceles Reclusa $8 each.
0.1.0 Latrodectus Hesperus $10
1.0.0 Phidippus Audax $8

0.0.1 Nhandu Coloratovillosum $30
0.0.1 Brachypelma Albopilosum $25
0.0.1 Aphonopelma sp. Texas Brown sling $5

0.0.1 Brown Anole $5
0.0.1 Long-Tail Grass Lizard $10

Usps Priority mail. Ask for quote

*Minnimum Order Fee $30*

I am not responsible for carrier delays.
LAG: will replace/refund any DOA's IF AND ONLY these requirements are met.
-Not above 90F or below 40F
-Package is on schedule
-Proof may be necessary within 4 hours of delivery.
All LAG is void if these requirements aren't met.
I will work with you as best as I can in case of DOA.
When buying you agree to the above terms.
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Coson For Sale List
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