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 need the best answer...pls help

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PostSubject: need the best answer...pls help   10/14/2015, 11:17 pm

hi good day everybody i would like to ask if there are in any instance can we say that there is sexual dimorphism in heterometrus madraspatensis.....if yes can my scorp this be visually gendered?

hoping someone could shed a light on this

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Dave Dunn

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PostSubject: Re: need the best answer...pls help   2/15/2016, 9:35 am

I cant seem to find anything in english! here's this dodgy translation though! Smile
Recognition of gender: The most reliable method is to check the lid intercourse. Males have them more oval, while the lid females are more triangular. More than males have a longer femur and kneecap pedipalpy. The number of teeth of pectin for both sexes is 12-18 units.
So,basically like a lot of scorpions,the genital operculum is the telltale,here though rather than saying the male has a split or indented operculum,they are saying it is oval and the females more triangular.
I dont think anyone can tell you without seeing the underside of the scorpion,although assuming this scorp is well fed and hydrated,it seems to have a long body that might indicate male
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need the best answer...pls help
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