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 Getting some new stuff!

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PostSubject: Getting some new stuff!   2/13/2015, 7:20 pm

Hey guys!

Thought I should drop in and let you guys know what I'm currently scheming.

First off, I'm going to be getting both volumes, Part I and Part II of the Illustrated Catalog of Scorpions. So I'm pretty excited about that.

The description is as follows: Part I of Kovarik's Illustrated Scorpion Catalog covers the Scorpionidae subfamily Scorpioninae with genera Heterometrus, Pandinus, Scorpio and Opistophthalmus. An ID key for all the genera, distributional data and 650 color pictures of most species in the subfamily are presented. In the book's introductionary part, a key to all scorpion families and genera described by the end of 2008 is given. Part II of Kovarik's Illustrated Scorpion Catalog covers Bothriuridae, Chaerilidae and parti I of Buthidae (genera Compsobuthus, Hottentotta, Isometrus, Lychas, and Sassanidotus. The book included an ID key for all the genera, 1621 color photos, 253 black-and-white photos, 110 drawings, and 26 distribution maps. These books are important to all professional scorpionists, but will also be useful for hobbyists and other scorpion interested peoples as the language is not too scientific.

Second, now that I'm completely moved and currently on winter break, I will be pairing my Centruroides nigrescens up again shortly.

And third, if I can find the space, once the weather warms up I might get about 15 more scorps. Most of you know I'm addicted to Heterometrus species, so I'm planning on getting 5 slings of each of the following: Heterometrus beccaloniae, Heterometrus madraspatensis, and Heterometrus swammerdami. Possibly other species as well if they present themselves.

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Getting some new stuff!
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