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 Odonturus dentatus

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PostSubject: Odonturus dentatus   2/8/2015, 8:36 pm

Dont see this much in the USA! (Probably due to their resemblance to Babycurus jacksoni and their smaller size...)

* Brood status: Successful
* Instar of the male/female pair: not sure, 6i/7i? 7i/7i? I didnt keep track as I should have
* Steps taken to mate the pair: Lots of cork place in a double shoebox enclosure, females introduced one at a time, with the largest male. Kept together as a 2.2 group, with the hot end close to 90, cold end close to 75. All usually spend the day huddled under the hot end's cork bark, feasting biweekly up until a month before they dropped.
* Duration taken for signs of gestation: After a month, they were very large. In the coming months, I saw embryos forming. A week or two prior to birthing, embryos were very visible and their mesasoma was "white" on the edges and looked like they were in premolt, but smaller.
* Environmental conditions for the gravid female: 100% coco. Waterdish always full. Half enclosure sprayed once a week through birth.
* Gestation period: ~3-4 months
* Number of young born: 10 and still waiting!
* Number of young eaten by mom: 0
* Number of young surviving to 2.instar: 10 and still waiting!

brood 1

brood 2
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Odonturus dentatus
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