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 Mozambique baby scorpio sting??

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PostSubject: Mozambique baby scorpio sting??    12/15/2014, 7:15 am

Hello again,

Maybe my Uroplectus flavoridis has come back?

I got stung yesterday on my bed (!), just above my ankle. Quite painful, it still hurts considerably. Probably it was hiding in a coloured folded up towel lying on the bed sheet. After shaking this out I found - to my surprise - a little baby scorpio, see photo. Then, scattered on the floor, some 5-6 brothers and sisters of him. We did a thourough search of the room right away, and found an adult critter hiding under a sideboard in the corner. Unfortunately it got away, but it looked quite similar like the baby ones, especially the clamps. I now assume it was the mother. Maybe she was hiding in the same towel, carrying  the babies ? Was the sting from her/him? Or can little baby scorpi sting that painfully?

Love to hear your experiences


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Mozambique baby scorpio sting??
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