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 Mites and babies- Need Advice

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PostSubject: Mites and babies- Need Advice   9/3/2014, 5:09 pm

So I have a bit of a situation....

My scorplings are just a few days old and the mama has been eating crickets nonstop in her burrow. Her burrow is very deep and I can barely see in except a SMALL hole that bumps into the glass. I've noticed when I've look into the tank where the hole is, that she has been making a mess with her food. Trying not to stress her out, I haven't been able to clean it because she's extremely defensive, but now I have mites. I just noticed around some of the uneaten food in her burrow has tiny white spots (mites). I'm worried if I take her burrow apart to get to her and the babies (or even the uneaten food) it will cause her to freak out and perhaps eat the scorplings. However, I know it's not good to leave it as is because it's a sign it's getting dirty.

I'm not sure what to do. Suggestions? The mites aren't on her from what I can tell, but if they are, how do I get them off?
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Mites and babies- Need Advice
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