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 question about heat lights....

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PostSubject: question about heat lights....   8/8/2014, 6:57 am


my apartment get like 60 to 75 rite now I keep two AC on cuase without it gets super hot in here.

but I remember I used to have a 50watt infared heat light on my emp tank and some emps died eventually, also the dune scorp used to sit under the heat light and after awhile it died also I think it cooked its insides,

im convinced that these heat lights are harmful to the scorps

does anyone else have an opinion on this ? has anyone else has scorps die that had a heat light ?

I currently have 40 or 50 watt infared lights on my scorps cuase I don't want them to be cold, but I just turned the australis light off because its been sitting under the heat light all night and don't want it to get hurt.
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PostSubject: Re: question about heat lights....   8/13/2014, 4:25 am

Do you have thermometers or a heat gun for monitoring the exact temperatures within their enclosures? What is the temperature under the heat lamps?

I've never had problems running heat lamps just as long as I kept a thermostat or rheostat(dimmer) and thermometers.
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question about heat lights....
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