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 MANY scorpions inside and COOL packages!

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MANY scorpions inside and COOL packages! Empty
PostSubject: MANY scorpions inside and COOL packages!   MANY scorpions inside and COOL packages! Empty7/18/2014, 8:07 pm


I am not liable for carriers delay resulting to DOA's any errors/mishaps caused by the carriers is not in my control and I will not be responsible for any replacements and refunds for the carriers error and also ACTS OF NATURE(ie. sudden change in tempt) INCLUDED.Feel free to ask for BULK PRICING thanks! DISCOUNTS are always GIVEN. Anything that transpires after its out of my custody is NOT my responsibility and I will NOT refund nor replace.

WHOLESALE still available.


X.X.20 Androctonus baluchicus slings DARK morph - $35usd/ea
0.0.X Androctonus bicolor slings - $10usd/ea
X.X.20 Androctonus crassicauda slings - $40usd/ea
0.0.X Centruroides nigrescens slings - $15usd/ea
0.0.X Heterometrus fulvipes slings - $50usd/ea
0.0.X Heterometrus madraspatensis slings - $30usd/ea
0.0.X Heterometrus mysorensis slings - $25usd/ea
0.0.X Hottentotta jayakari slings - $35usd/ea
0.0.X Leiurus quinquestriatus sp. deserti slings - $15usd/ea
0.X.X Parabuthus liosoma adult females and slings - $30usd/ea. slings - $12uas/ea
0.0.22 Parabuthus pallidus slings - $30usd/ea
X.X.0 Parabuthus schlecteri pairs 2-3rd instar - $90usd/pair
0.0.24 Parabuthus transvaalicus adult pairs - $70usd/pair. slings - $10usd/ea
0.0.9 Parabuthus raudus slings - $40usd/ea
X.X.X Rhopalurus junceus adult pairs - $50usd/pair. slings - $8usd/ea
5.5.X Rhopalurus garridoi adult pairs - $60usd/pair. slings - $10usd/ea


0.0.10 Avicularia braunshauseni ".75 - 50usd/ea
0.0.X Brachypelma smithis ".75 - 15usd/ea
0.0.30 Ceratogyrus darlingi "2+ - 25usd/ea
0.0.X Hapalopus formosus ".5 - 25usd/ea
0.0.X Poecilotheria miranda ".5 - 30usd/ea



1 dozen Androctonus bicolor slings - 100usd shipped
1 dozen Heterometrus madraspatensis slings - 350usd shipped
1 dozen Leiurus quinquestriatus sp. deserti slings - 150usd shipped
1 dozen Parabuthus liosoma slings - 120usd shipped

1 dozen Brachypelma smithi slings - 150usd shipped

X- I have more than 50pcs.

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MANY scorpions inside and COOL packages!
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