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 Scented animal bedding for substrate ill-advised

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PostSubject: Scented animal bedding for substrate ill-advised   7/2/2014, 3:55 pm

Hello guys.

So recently I got some new scorpions, which includes a tiny H. jayakari sling.
Until yesterday I was looking at it behave rather oddly, it kept stilting on the deli cup walls, else, be roosting on the clay stones I put for it to hide under. With further observation I saw that he was almost avoiding the substrate.

The sand I used came with the slings, I never noticed that it had a scent resembling cologne or deodorant when i used it for substrate when I set up the enclosure two days ago, but yesterday I checked the enclosure and did I notice the smell. It was as if the deli cup was filled with cologne instead of sand, stones, and an arachnid.

Shocked, I immediately removed the sling from the setup and inspected the sand. I then contacted the dealer and asked about the sand, which he said was "pet-friendly" sand used as beddings to keep pets "fresh and clean".
Take note the linguistic sarcasm.

Apparently, the sand, which was Buddy brand scented bedding sand, is actually a sand used as bedding for pets i.e. hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets etc. to deodorize them and let them do their natural roll in the dirt behavior.
In truth, when the packaging might have meant anything along the lines of pet-friendly, my seller wasn't informed of the detail on what kind of pets. It turns out "small animals" referred to small furry rodents and weasels among others.
There is a difference between bedding and substrate.

My H. hottentotta is living on a sand substrate with a small mix of said bedding and does not exhibit the same odd behavior (but the enclosure still smells a little like cologne), I will be replacing it totally with normal sand when I manage to get new natural sand.

And who knows what might have happened if I left the sling to live on the bare bedding substrate?
Has anyone experienced anything similar? Have there been any scorpion deaths by scented rodent bedding as substrate?

A link to a website that sells the exact brand of product here.

Be vigilant, fellow hobbyists.

The seller informed me that he also uses the same bedding sand as substrate for his arachnids.
Which would mean that it isnt exactly lethal to our beloved scorpions, per se. but rather uncomfortable, as displayed by my H. jayakari.

Still, we can never be too cautious with our loved ones.
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Scented animal bedding for substrate ill-advised
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