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 Exotic Lizard Toime! :D

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PostSubject: Exotic Lizard Toime! :D   6/24/2014, 6:51 pm

Good day everyone and welcome to yet another scaly birthday celebration!

Shown here is a lizard that some of you may not have seen or heard of yet, Luzon Giant Forest Skink (Sphenomorphus cumingi)

This was him when he was a baby. Barely 1.5" long amd rarely seen above the soil.

4 months later, he was a flamboyant wanderer Very Happy

How to tame your dragon! Very Happy (mini-Godzilla mode)

Taming the dragon, success!

Out and About

At 7 months old, Just chillin'

This makes for a good Lion King remake

The birthday boy!

Aww the baby is stressed hence, the stare down! Razz

For his bday, he had lots of snails, millipedes and rotten figs that he loves sooo much Very Happy
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Exotic Lizard Toime! :D
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