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 video: juvenile harvestman feeding

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PostSubject: video: juvenile harvestman feeding   6/23/2014, 3:33 pm

Not long ago I got some really tiny juvenile tropical harvestmen (Acromares vittatum)--their bodies were like heads of pins and their legs were like fine hairs. But they are growing quickly, and the largest now has a leg span of maybe 2 cm. This video shows one of these tiny little animals very rapidly devouring a midge (basically a non-biting mosquito).

I shot this video yesterday on my kitchen table using 3 tabletop LCD lamps. Unfortunately I didn't get the colour balance quite right so the video is a bit warm. I'd also like to use a lower ISO to get a higher resolution, but that would mean substantially brighter light, which I don't know it the critters would tolerate. I need to experiment a bit more.


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PostSubject: Re: video: juvenile harvestman feeding   6/23/2014, 11:20 pm

Great video. Thanks for sharing! Smile
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video: juvenile harvestman feeding
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