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 Androctonus baluchicus

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PostSubject: Androctonus baluchicus   7/4/2008, 8:46 pm

I acquired a pair of A.baluchicus last year. I wasn't sure if the female was sub-adult because her metasoma is thinner than the male and I thought she had 1 more moult to go. I kept her nice and warn and after 10 months. She finally p santa pped! Now I can keep breeding this bloodline. Whenever I put my male with the female before, I'd see them mate but she won't take his spermatophore. I tried pairing them up again but they're just locking chela. They did it for over 24 hours. I knew nothing will happen so I seperated them and I will feed the female and male as much as they like tomorrow then try to mate them again on Sunday. Hopefully I get another batch again next year. My male looks like he can't hack no more. I'll post pics if anybody cares but if not then it's fine Very Happy

Here's the pic of the couple. It was Id'ed by Alex (Nazgul). A.baluchicus 'red morph'
They are small Andro. 6.5 cm from what I remember
male A.baluchicus

female and male A.baluchicus

baby pics...2nd instar A.baluchicus

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Mr. Mordax

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PostSubject: Re: Androctonus baluchicus   7/5/2008, 2:27 am


If your emperor scorpion stops eating, don't panic.
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Miami T

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PostSubject: Re: Androctonus baluchicus   6/14/2011, 3:38 am

I know this thread is 3+ years old but any news on this species.........
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PostSubject: Re: Androctonus baluchicus   6/14/2011, 4:13 am

It is very rare....
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PostSubject: Re: Androctonus baluchicus   

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Androctonus baluchicus
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