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 Of Temperature and Humidity

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Andrew Leigh

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PostSubject: Of Temperature and Humidity   6/4/2014, 6:32 am

Having read many of the articles posted I think I still need to ask a question or two.

1. I have a warm and cooler are in the enclosure but the one thing that I do not do is to practice day and night time temperature fluctuations. Now these for a P. Trans can be significant in nature but I do notice that a smaller band is recommended which is cool and I will follow.

The question is that short of altering the thermostat control every evening how does everyone vary the day night simulation. I a reasonably competent when it come to building basic to intermediate electronic circuits, does anyone have anything on offer? Or any suggestion?

2. On humidity. I have noticed that when the temperature is constant, and the enclosure is reasonably well sealed (i.e. not a million holes sides and top) that for a given water dish size that one can control humidity very well by merely altering the dish surface area.

But is it such a wise idea using a glass aquarium with a well fitting lid and one single 30mm vent hole at the top? This side of the pond we do not have central heating so keeping a scorpion indoors could still see the enclosure temperatures vary significantly day to night so controlled heating to my mind is absolutely essential. But this would require either a reasonably well sealed container or the excessive use of temperature due to losses.

By the by my only heat source is a ceramic heater mounted in the lid.
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Of Temperature and Humidity
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