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 Climbing and falling

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PostSubject: Climbing and falling   4/15/2014, 10:17 am

Hi there!

I've bought a new terrarium with a cork wall in the back.. 15.75 inches high. Foolishly, I didn't consider the fact that scorpions can climb it. Immediately when I put my Heterometrus petersii in there, she started walking around and climbing the cork wall. She has fallen at least 5 times by now, but I put lots of sphagnum moss along the backside, so I hope she lands softly..

My question: could multiple falls from that height pose a threat? If so, is there any solution to prevent her from climbing the cork wall?
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PostSubject: Re: Climbing and falling   4/16/2014, 4:34 am

Scorpions can climb quite well on most rough surfaces although heterometrus spp are large and weighty. The 90 degree vertical cork though is obviously to steep for your scorp to be able to hang on.
Lean a few twigs/bark/cork/stone up against the background cork to create an angled incline or simply to break up monotone flatness of your cork backdrop. That should allow your scorp to find firm footing....You won't be able to stop it trying to climb as long as you have a cork background so why not make it easier for it to climb.

And no, i don't think you have to worry about your scorp damaging itself by falling. Even though heterometrus spp are large and relatively heavy, the fall is short and the substrate soft. There's not going to be much energy build up/release with so little weight and a short drop. If you're worried though, do as i mentioned and make the back wall easier/safer for your scorp to climb on..
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Climbing and falling
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