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 Good Deal

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PostSubject: Good Deal   Good Deal Empty1/11/2014, 3:41 pm

Hey guys, I know that cocoa fiber can get costly. I haven't bought anything from this place yet but I keep emps and plan on trying this. 100% cocoa fiber. Huge compressed brick (fills 16gallons when decomped) and is less then $10.

If you try it before I'm able, please post a review.
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PostSubject: Re: Good Deal   Good Deal Empty1/12/2014, 5:09 pm


How nice that you want to help others with your experience.
I probably haven't used the same exact thing, but I have experience with something quite similar, and they are very cheap and do the trick exactly.

It's compressed coco fiber, ideal for our burrowers, like Pandinus, Heterometrus etc.
My P. Cavimanus has a tank full of it, and I am very satisfied, and wouldn't use another thing.

Take care,

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PostSubject: Re: Good Deal   Good Deal Empty1/14/2014, 12:10 pm

You can also go to your local hardware store and look for 100% pesticide/chemical free peat moss too. Some people, like me for example, only use coco fiber as substrate. I've never tried peat moss myself, but I'm sure it'll do the job just fine. But judging from the link, I'd say that's the best deal I've ever seen for coco fiber. I'd do it.

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Good Deal
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