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 feeding question

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PostSubject: feeding question   12/8/2013, 8:24 pm

hey, i am now a proud owner of 2 baby emps they are both female and have constructed a burrow with like a chamber at the bottom only prob is the burrow is only big enough for one scorpion to sit at the entrance at night when wanting prey and once i fed one dont know which is the one i have or havent fed as one comes back up for prey i waited and noticed the same one came up as she had mushed up cricket still in her mouth so i gave it another cricket its had 3 now greedy thing, 4th size brown crickets but once shes ate it all and no evidence i wont beable to tell apart i know one is fatter than the other but i only see the pincers and face not the body as i dont want to be starving the other one
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feeding question
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