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 My Scorpion En-closer

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PostSubject: My Scorpion En-closer    8/27/2013, 11:20 am

Hi everyone thought id like to write my encloser which is an 45cm cube (18inch), it was originally for a pacman frog (which like in the rain forests) but was i was reading up on that they looked abit to hard to look after temperature wise but all the stuff i had ready for this frog is perfect for an imperial scorpion such as eco earth, hydro meter, mister, digital thermometer, back ground, artificial plants, shallow water dish, cave, rock, 45cm to fit light canopy with an energy saving light bulb (13W) in and last a 50W infa-red light which brings the temp to around 33C maxed out which is also connected to an thermostat, don't know how to upload pics on here yet, also do i have to use an infa-red light or can anyone recommend a good heat mat perfect for an imperial scorpion that i can also connect to my thermostat? thanks all replies will be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: My Scorpion En-closer    8/27/2013, 4:18 pm

A heat mat or Flex Watt is what I use and recommend! Bulbs tend to dry out the enclosure. I use FW, personally, so I can't offer much advice on what heat mat to use, but I would imagine since you have a thermostat, get one that is sure to get the enclosure warm enough. You can use the thermo to lower the temperature if it gets too hot. Just make sure to install the mat at the substrate level and not all the way down under the substrate. They like to burrow often to get to a cool spot and escape the heat.
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My Scorpion En-closer
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