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 Light wavelength bias of scorpions

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PostSubject: Light wavelength bias of scorpions   8/7/2013, 11:31 am

Light wavelength bias of scorpions,365-373.pdf

Of particular interest to those of us keeping scorpions in captivity is the observation: "Sensitivity to red light appeared low and similar to activity in IR. Red light and IR light sensitivity may amount to essentially the same stimulus level as ‘no light’ to these animals."
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PostSubject: Re: Light wavelength bias of scorpions   8/7/2013, 11:39 am

Very interesting document. "May" is a key term there, though. It also says a little further down that activity of the P. utahensis was more than the C. vittatus, especially under IR. This may show that sensitivity to red/IR is dependent upon the species. I know that many of mine react when I shine a red flashlight on them. If they are moving around, they stop for a second, kind of like I startled them. Sometimes they even run to a hide. I'll see if I can find that other article that one of the guys showed me a while back.

I especially like how this study gave a possible reasoning to the green fluorescing of the scorpion exoskeleton.
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Light wavelength bias of scorpions
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