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 2i A. Bicolor Bad Molt =( Advise on setup ?

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PostSubject: 2i A. Bicolor Bad Molt =( Advise on setup ?   7/30/2013, 5:52 pm

So last night I discovered one of my 2i Bicolor slings in a molt. He had trouble getting his metasoma out of the molt. I waited for about 2 hours and there was no improvement.

At that time I decided to assist with the process. I supported his underbody while gently straightening out the old metasoma molt and sliding it back. It was practically almost out so I shouldn't of caused any damage that would of resulted in a death. It slid off just fine and he was alive but barely active after that. I thought it would get better during the recovery stage of the molt. Came home this afternoon from work to find him in an unchanged position. No life at all. His carapace all the way back to the metasoma was caved in as what looked like a dry molt.

Basically I have them stored in a tackle box setup the same as GS' with air ventilation holes in each slot.

Dry substrate mix of desert sand. Not a pure calcium fine sand.

I mist once every day or 2. The reason is because it happens to be very high humidity and high temperatures where I live. On average 90*F+ and 70% humidity average or higher throughout the day. The house is climate controlled to about 76-78*F during the day.

I just think it was too dry. I keep bark scorpions which are native to me in a very dry condition and they do just fine.

I just recently added in about 1/2% coco peat mix substrate to 1 side of the slots to keep a little moisture in the box for when I go to spray for water so it doesn't dry up as quick.

1 question I have is. Has anyone ever tried using small cup sea shells as a water bowl source for slings ?

Pretty much like this ?

I'm just trying to prevent as many losses as possible when ordering slings. Can get a little pricey over time.

Any input appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: 2i A. Bicolor Bad Molt =( Advise on setup ?   7/30/2013, 7:24 pm

bicolor at that age need watered much like a semi-arid specie of the same instar. A friend of mine and myself both lost I believe one scorpling each due to not knowing this.
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2i A. Bicolor Bad Molt =( Advise on setup ?
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