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 Live Moss by the Bag! *Green Tree Shag & Mood Moss*

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PostSubject: Live Moss by the Bag! *Green Tree Shag & Mood Moss*   7/16/2013, 2:16 am

Bring some life to your Scorpion's Habitat

Live Moss grows well in the humid environment of Terrariums, Vivariums, and Palladiums, and does best in partial light/shade.

Live Green Tree Shag Moss makes a great hanging moss that is perfect for dense canopies or to hang from corkboard or other terrarium backgrounds. This species, like other mosses, has no root system and absorbs its needed moisture from the air.

Click to Buy Live Green Tree Shag Moss at Small Pet Feeders!

Live Mood Moss is a fantastic bushy moss to put at the base of plants and rocks inside frog habitats. This species needs little more to grow than moisture, acidic soil, and plenty of shade, as too much light can overwhelm this species easily. Remember to press this moss firmly into the soil when installing, watering daily for the first 2-3 weeks, to ensure adequate anchoring and growth inside your habitats.

Click to Buy Live Mood Moss at Small Pet Feeders!

Both of these species go well in the habitats of Firebelly Toads, Dart Frogs, Green Tree Frogs, and other Amphibian species, and are Frog-free (being fresh and never introduced to any other frog habitat).

We have Gallon and Sandwich Bags stuffed full of Live Green Tree Shag Moss and Mood Moss.

1 Gallon Bag- Stuffed full (1 sqft or more) $9.99
1 Sandwich bag- (1/3 sqft or more) $4.99

These products are easily shipped via Fedex Ground. While supplies last!

-Dave Cross, LMT
Small Pet Feeders
Live Reptile and Amphibian Foods, Fishing Baits, and Organic Pest Controls
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Live Moss by the Bag! *Green Tree Shag & Mood Moss*
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