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 Monocentropus balfouri slings WHOLESALE only

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Monocentropus balfouri slings WHOLESALE only Empty
PostSubject: Monocentropus balfouri slings WHOLESALE only   Monocentropus balfouri slings WHOLESALE only Empty7/13/2013, 12:09 am


I am not liable for carriers delay resulting to DOA's any errors/mishaps caused by the carriers is not in my control and I will not be responsible for any replacements and refunds for the carriers error and also ACTS OF NATURE(ie. sudden change in tempt) INCLUDED.

NO LAG(Live Arrival Guarantee) and NO REFUND.
Paypal payment accepted.


15x M.balfouri slings - $750usd shipped.


PS: ADMIN and MODS if this is OT since its a scorpion forum kindly delete thanks!
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Monocentropus balfouri slings WHOLESALE only
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