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 My Latest Emp house build

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PostSubject: My Latest Emp house build   6/29/2013, 8:35 pm

Here's the overall project.
I've been monitoring this enclosure for the past week. It's been maintaining a steady humidity or 82/83%. A temp gradient of 77F low side to 83F high side. I control the temp with a single 40W IR bulb on a slider dimmer from lows, which was an experiment that has really worked out well. It will save you a bundle on controllers. Min was < $12. Substrate on the Right is 6.5" deep and 4" on the left. i built this using a 20g long aquarium from petsmart.

The biggest thing to me is that my scorpions are happy. And I've seen a noticeable difference in their behavior. They're more active and exploratory. And are eating well. I'm calling this one a success guys.

Currently I have two emps in this enclosure. One is about 4" long stretched and is a male. I also have an enormous 7" female. I'm on the lookout for another, larger male. And i'm probably going to move the small male into his own room and place the larger one with my female and attempt to breed them.

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My Latest Emp house build
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