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 Found my H. Arizonensis

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PostSubject: Found my H. Arizonensis   6/28/2013, 6:44 pm

So, a few weeks/months ago, I posted about my haddy going into complete hiding.  After an emergency move of the tank, and some other issues, I got a way to see in without digging it up.

Lo and behold, there she was in a well dug out cave.  She'd blocked off all the entrances, covered the burrows, and was seemingly just chilling there.  After observing her over a time, I concluded that she wasn't moving.  In fact, over that time, she stayed completely still regardless of stimulus that I could provide her.

She seemed to be sitting on her belly, legs in a relaxed position, with her tail resting completely to her side, completely on the ground.  I immediately began worrying that she was dead.

Digging her out will be a long process, so I instead planned on doing it next week

Today, however, I peek a light into her cave and she's turned facing!

The tank hasn't moved, so there's no chance she did this by accident - however she still looks very lethargic/relaxed.

Is this a normal appearance for a hibernation state?  Could the tank be too cold?  Could she be molting?
Gallery of various photos inside the tank

For temp, I've kept the day night cycle of her tank regular.  It keeps the sand directly below the light in the 100-110f range while it's on.  At night, the humidity spikes, but rarely over 50%.  It's also between 70-80f at night.  From my reading, this is pretty optimal for the breed.

However, she's currently on the FAR END of the THICKEST part of the tank.  I put a heat pad on the sand near her burrow, to hopefully radiate some heat in for her, but I didn't want to do that too forcefully because she can't dig any lower to avoid the heat.

She's been in there for over a month now.  What can I do?
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Found my H. Arizonensis
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